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We recently featured in the Industry Update Manufacturing Magazine where we got to talk about our visions for the future for our business. We are honoured to be have a chance to show what our business is currently achieving and what we plan to achieve in the future.

Below is an extract from the article.
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Nobody would ever accuse Mick Bonanno of a lack of ambition. Nor would he ever be found talking down the future of Australian manufacturing. The Managing Director of Brisbane-based Eastgate Engineering is hell bent on bringing his industry back onshore, and doing so by applying European-style values of quality and efficiency.

Looking around Eastgate’s climate-controlled workshop in the Brisbane suburb of Lytton, you cannot but be impressed by the cleanliness of the operation.

The other thing that you notice is the temperature – a consistent 21°C, regardless of the Queensland climate outside – which is greatly appreciated by the 12-strong workforce.

“The air conditioning is a real plus for the staff,” says Operations Manager Peter Cleary, “but it’s also important for maintaining the tolerances in the work that we do, as well as taking some of the stress off the machinery.”