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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Common questions our customers ask

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

What maximum dimensions can you handle?

Up to 75mm round in bar fed spindle and up to 300mm round cut pieces in chuck.

Do you offer finishing services?

Yes, we do. In house we provide satin and polished finishing. We work in partnership with our verified vendors that are ISO certified to provide plating, anodising, galvanising, case hardening and heat treatment.

What is your minimum part run?

We have no minimum.

What is maximum part run?

We have no maximum.

Are you able to supply material certificates?

Yes we do, however we do not supply test certificates.

What is your minimum setup or order charge?

Our minimum setup charge is $100.

How long are your work quotations valid?

Our work quotations are 30 Days unless specified.

I want to be able to set up large quantity blanket orders with multiple releases and shipment dates with your company. Is this possible?

Absolutely. Once we receive your purchase order, all the necessary processes will be put in place for you to draw on stock and the required shipment dates will be met.