Eastgate Engineering Projects

Project 1

A specialized industrial facility was being constructed and needed a number of custom made components for the 12 month project.

We assisted them with their enquiry by supplying the custom parts, and then continued to assist them by supplying standard and custom parts.

We met with them onsite and discussed with them what they needed for a particular phase of the project, sourced the product along with the necessary certification and technical data, arranged delivery to site as required by the client. In some cases, a standard product had to be modified which included machining, welding or some other manufacturing process, before it was ready for use by the client.

We worked with engineers and tradespersons who benefited from the backup and support of a reliable and respected engineering company.

Project 2

Having supplied regularly into the fire protection industry, we were approached by a client to help with bringing a new concept from design into production.

This involved simplifying the design to reduce manufacturing time and material usage for more cost effective manufacturing. At the approval of the client, we proceeded with prototypes that were tested and certified by the client. During this stage we made practical suggestions relating to the design to help improve versatility of product, availability of compatible components and reliable component operation.

With the testing and approval process proceeding well, we were able to provide budget pricing to support the client in pricing the project and make an analysis of what the market was prepared to accept and pay. Included in this analysis we were able to provide a solution from supply of raw material, manufacture of components involving a number of process which included machining, welding and polishing, inspection, cleaning and assembly of components using a predetermined method, then engrave each product with a batch number, wrap and individually box each assembly ready for transport. The client was able to move into the production phase seamlessly and was supplied with a complete solution which enabled the client to continue to focus on new products and supply of existing products.