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Our Facilities

We are now at 6-8 Trade Street, Lytton Brisbane in brand new facilities.

New Facilities in Lytton Brisbane

We have moved from our previous facilities in Coorparoo to brand new custom designed premises in Lytton Brisbane.

Our address is 6-8 Trade Street, Lytton, Brisbane.

We have the latest CNC machines that can produce quality components for any industry, on time and in any quantities required.

Play the video below to view our facilities

Our Machines

Our factory includes some of the most technologically advanced machinery available today

Doosan 5 Axis Mill – VC630/5AX

The high-speed, high-precision 5-axis machining center enables ultra-high-precision simultaneous 5-axis control for aviation and medical parts and 4+1-axis control for the economically feasible multi-facet/complex shape machining, depending on customer needs.


  • High Rigidity Machine Structure  – High rigidity machine structure results in optimum static and dynamic rigidity verified by 3D simulation, resulting in highly stable precision machining.
  • Built-in Spindle – The high performance built in spindle ensures optimum machining performance at high speed and heavy duty cutting
  • Higher Machining Accuracy – From high-speed machining to heavy- duty cutting, diverse machining processes are applicable for complex-shaped workpiece.
  • Choice of spindle speeds (12,000-20,000rpm)
  • Up to Ø630mm in Table size
  • Capacity (X-, Y-, Z- Axis): up to 650mm x 765mm x 520mm
  • 3D Milling work
Doosan 5 Axis Mill - VC630/5AX
5 Axis Mill - Eastgate Engineering Brisbane
5 Axis Mill - Eastgate Engineering Brisbane
Doosan Puma 2600 SY - Eastgate Engineering Brisbane

Doosan Puma 2600 SY

  • More clamping force and improved durability of the machines Y-axis carriageway and a spindle air-purge function.
  • High accuracy and surface finish quality.

Doosan Lynx 220LSY

  • High-precision heavy duty cutting enabled via high-speed, high-power spindles.
  • Shorter turning time enabled via the servo turret indexing motor and the high-rigidity roller-type LM guide.
Doosan Lynx 220LSY - Eastgate Engineering Brisbane

Haas Mill VF3

  • 2D Milling work
  • 2 Axis vertical milling machines
  • Machining range 1000mm x 500mm x  500 high


Richmond Mill VMC 1020

  • 2D Milling work
  • 2 Axis vertical milling machines
  • Machining range 1000mm x 500mm x  500 high

Hyundai Lathe

  • Milling and Turning Lathe.


Hardinge GS 200 MSY

  • Purpose set up for dong longer bar work up to 1 meter long and 40mm in diameter