Eastgate Engineering - News

Since October 2013 Eastgate Engineering has been under new ownership. Since that time we have been able to achieve amazing things within our workshop! We are continuing to expand our capabilities, broaden our knowledge and overall become a more efficient workshop that
can be tailored to each and every one of our customers' needs.

Below is an overview of what improvements have occurred in that time.

October 2013

  • New ownership of Eastgate Engineering.
  • Reorganize workshop and implement continuous improvement plan.


2014– 2016

New Machines

  • CNC Hardinge MSY200 Twin Spindle with 5th Axis Lathe
  • CNC Haas VF3 and Richmond VNC 1020 Milling Machines
  • Manual lathe with a 3 meter bed and an automatic saw
  • Rosler Polishing machine
  • CNC Hyundai LMSA150 Twin Spindle Lathe with 4 meter Bar Feeder
  • CNC Hardinge GS 150 Twin Spindle Lathe with 4 meter Bar Feeder
  • CNC Doosan LYNX 220LSY Twin Spindle with 5th Axis and 4 meter Bar Feeder
  • Solid Works CAD Program